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Our staff are professional arborists who have the training and experience to safely
and effectively prune and remove trees, as well as taking the utmost care around your property.

About Us

Shaun Clark Owner of SNC Tree Tech Portland Victoria Australia is a fully qualified arborist. As a professional in the tree care industry, I believe trees are precious resources. I have specialist guidance that can diagnose problems with trees and find the best treatments to be used.

Our staff are professional arborists who have the training and experience to safely and effectively prune and remove trees, as well as taking the utmost care around your property. We view every tree, plant or part of your property as an asset, and put into place correct safety procedures that ensure no damage.

We have a comprehensive Workplace Health & Safety Policy. This Policy takes into account the staff members, providing a clean and safe environment for our workplace. The standard of training we offer to our staff is very high, promoting safe work practices. All staff have been trained in their respective tasks and are audited to ensure safe operations. We provide tree services all over Glenelg Shire and surrounding areas.

Our responsibilities are taken seriously when it comes to staff, the public and the environment. Work is never undertaken unless a safe site has been established, taking into consideration all of the above conditions.

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Our Service Region

We are a locally owned and operated Portland business. We are passionate about providing professional and reliable tree maintenance services in our community. Our team of arborists are based in Portland, but we service the entire Glenelg Shire and Moyne Regions.

The majority of our jobs come from recommendations from past customers. If you search for us online, you will see that we are highly recommended both in the industry and the community. SNC Tree Tech is determined to provide the highest standard of arborist services in Portland. 


“Shaun and his team helped us in recent weeks by trimming hedges and trees as well as removing and grinding another tree out of a tight spot in a garden bed. He has done a terrific job, is always pleasant to deal with, very helpful and most importantly puts his and everyone else’s safety first when working. Its obvious Shaun is a skilled arborist who knows his stuff and has the right attitude to succeed. Highly recommended and would definitely use again.”

 “What an amazing Businessman Shaun is. Thank you both for the work you have done for us, we really appreciate hard working people. Our yard looks so much better now. Great Job many thanks. Safe working environment which i noticed. Very Experienced tradesman We would highly recommend them”


At SNC Tree Tech We want you to experience our commitment to quality for all your tree care needs. Why use anyone else but a tree expert and arborist when you need your tree job done right? We offer a full range of arborist tree services to serve you and your landscaping needs. We are registered practising arborists with Arboriculture Australia and best of all…..we love trees! 

Our Services:

  • Tree Pruning / trimming
  • Hazardous Tree Assessment
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Storm Damage 
  • Powerline Clearance
  • Firewood/mulch Sales

Tower Hire:
Perfect for those hard access jobs. Spider Lift - 22m outreach. Travel: 1.1m wide / 1.9m high

Possum / Koala Guarding:
If possums or koalas are becoming a nuisance and damaging your trees, then call us for an inspection. We will see if fitting a possum guard can help your situation.

Dynamic Bracing:
Cobra ® bracing systems can be used to correct trees that have stray branches threatening to damage your property

Tree Pruning and Trimming:
Deadwood removal, Height reduction, Canopy thinning, Formative pruning, Branch reduction
Working in accordance with Australian Standards: AS 4373-2007
Pruning of amenity trees.

Hedge Trimming:
We service all types of hedges from fine hedging to taming a hedge that has gone wild.
Height reductions or typical hedge trimming call us today

Tree Removal:
Our Arborists will assess each tree to ensure it is removed efficiently and safely without any damage to your garden or property

FREE Quotes:
SNC Tree Tech are happy to provide you with a free consultation and personally inspect your property to work with you in providing an expert recommendation or diagnosis.

Dead Wooding and Pruning:
These two tree services are usually done together to keep a tree healthy and fit. Proper Care and maintenance for trees usually means at least once or twice a year for this service. Don’t trust pruning to anyone but a qualified arborist from SNC Tree Tech. Remember tree pruning is the number one way an inexperienced property owner can do the most damage to a tree.

Hazardous Tree Assessment:
Do you know what constitutes a hazardous tree? We do. Looking out for any tree that could possibly pose a danger now or in the future is one of our specialties. Let us help you assess any dangerous trees on your property. It’s not worth the risk to your family or property when hazardous trees can be identified and taken care of quickly.

Stump Grinding and Removal:
To remove or not to remove…..that is the age old question! You may think it will give your yard a natural rustic look, but our answer is most definitely yes. Remove it and save yourself a lot of trouble down the road.

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10 Park Street Portland, Victoria


Working in accordance with Australian Standards: AS 4373-2007. Pruning of amenity trees.

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